MGB GT V8 1973

The next project in the pipeline, MGB GT V8. Aconite with Autumn leaf interior, not the best combination colour but a genuine 55’000 odd mile car. This is going to be a seller, cant keep this as much as I want to, has to go at the end, but it will be a total restoration, bare metal rotisserie jobbie, complete nut and bolt as soon as the GT6 is finished.

The chap that owned it was in the Army, bought it in the 80’s as a runner, stripped it and started it and then as happens so often it got left under a cover and became too much.

Issue is now, keep it totally original with the Aconite paint and autumn leaf interior, cloth seats, even still has the OE cast iron exhaust manifolds and full lobster clam inlet tin work in fantastic condition. OE does appeal to lots, but the colour combo, although as it left the factory was probably not the most popular, so do I paint it and trim it that has the most appeal, keeping it V8 colour spec but not as it left the factory or keep it totally as spec as it ran off the production line, that’s the dilemma.

And a similar one for sale recently, not mine, and I don’t know the owner, just an example of an Aconite, Autumn Leaf interior V8

A very tidy V8 engine bay. OE cloth seats above, leather is nice, but OE is OE